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Financial Fortitude, with its hosts Dale Creed Francis & Ryan Litfin, is the fastest growing financial advocacy show in the country. And its slogan: “Not just exposing the PROBLEMS, but providing the SOLUTIONS” is exactly what it lives up to. They expose and attack the problems head-on in their weekly segment appropriately named the “Economic War Report”. Then, unlike many other financial shows which leave listeners frustrated, angry or confused, they inform and educate you on solutions you can quickly and easily implement to protect and grow your own personal wealth through TRUE & PROPER diversification among uncorrelated and non-dollar denominated asset classes!


Ryan Litfin

Managing Partner & Radio Personality

Ryan Litfin knew what he wanted to achieve for himself and others very early on. While attending college Ryan Litfin took a multitude of finance and economics courses, which gave him the opportunity to study finance across a variety of continents including Europe and Australia. Ryan Litfin also engaged in courses while studying in Chicago at places such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and theChicago Board of Trade before graduating with degrees in both Finance & Economics from Gustavus Adolphus College. Prior to co-founding Vincent Asset Management, Ryan Litfin was engaged in the financial services sector for the better part of a decade. He has also been actively involved in various community and investment groups. Ryan Litfin furthered his investment knowledge and expertise while studying under Kevin Baldwin in Chicago.

Aside from his duties as Co-host of the investor advocacy show, Financial Fortitude, he is also a Co-founder and managing partner of Vincent Asset Management.

Ryan Litfin systematically navigates a path to simplify your individual investment needs. He seeks to implement the appropriate strategies to your investment portfolio to help shorten the road to a secure financial future.

Outside of the office Ryan Litfin enjoys spending time with his wife, their two boys, and their two dogs. When not in the office, you may find him riding his motorcycle, on the golf course, or on the lake


Dale Creed Francis

Business Owner, Investor & Radio Personality


Mr. Francis has vast experience in virtually all facets of business management spanning nearly two decades with his core focus being in the financial and investment industry. 
Aside from his duties as Co-host of the investor advocacy show, Financial Fortitude, he is also a Partner and COO at Vincent Capital Group.  
His other current and previous holdings include companies in various industries such as: Investment Real Estate, Software Development, Animation, Television Shows, Music & Entertainment, Professional Sports Training, and Patents & Product Development. A couple of these companies include Flurry Animation Studios, who has received 5 Emmy Awards to date, as well as 3D Sports Technologies, which created the first ever 3-D Interactive Playbook software for all levels of football, soccer, hockey, basketball & multiple other sports. The Company also developed proprietary motion capture (MoCap) technology for instructional and educational use in the NFL, NBA, UFC, and nearly all other sports. 
In addition to his traditional business interests, Dale has been a spokesperson, infomercial host, and motivational/inspirational speaker. He has served corporations, chambers of commerce, civic & private organizations, colleges & universities for nearly 20 years. 
His personal passion involves growing The Foundation of Hope, which he & his wife formed in order to memorialize the loss of their middle daughter, Hope. The mission is to ultimately help people become better & stronger after struggling through their own life changing crisis. Dale’s core belief & message when he speaks on this topic is that, “Healing is not always just physical, but emotional & spiritual as well!” 

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