U.S. Considers "Range Of Actions" On Ukraine

U.S. Considers "Range Of Actions" On Ukraine
(Washington, DC) -- Presidential spokesman Josh Earnest says a "range of options" is being considered on how to respond to the deadly violence in Ukraine.
In a White House briefing, Earnest cited a "sense of urgency" as the bloodshed increases. He said the Ukrainian government has the primary responsibility to bring the violence to an end. Earlier this week, President Obama threatened unspecified "consequences" if the violence does not stop. Earnest said Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych should respect the right of peaceful protest. He also called on protesters to express themselves peacefully.
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White House spokesman Josh Earnest says President Obama continues to monitor the situation in the Ukraine.
Earnest says Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych must end the crisis.
Earnest says protesters also have a stake in the outcome.
Earnest says all sides must work together to resolve the violence.
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