Unrest Continues In Ferguson

Unrest Continues In Ferguson
(Ferguson, MO) -- The unrest continues in a St. Louis suburb where agitators upset over the police shooting of an unarmed teen have been facing-off against law enforcement. Reporter Nicole Wilson is on the ground there and says many of the violent protestors aren't from the community of Ferguson.
Wilson says at least eight people were arrested with guns before last night's curfew even took effect. Several people were injured when protesters and bystanders turned guns on each other as the situation on the street descended into chaos. Missouri's governor has called in the National Guard, but there's no word on when troops are expected to arrive, or what type of enforcement tactics they will use.
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Reporter Nicole Wilson says police responded to more shootings and violence last night.
Wilson says authorities have resorted to using tear gas as protests turn violent.
The community doesn't know what life will be like when the National Guard rolls into town.
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