"Under God" Wins Court Case In Massachusetts

(Boston, MA) -- A challenge to the phrase "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance is defeated. Diana Vern is counsel for the Beckett Fund and said Friday's decision is a victory for religious freedom.
An atheist couple in Massachusetts filed a lawsuit over the phrase, claiming that it violated their children's First Amendment rights. The case went to the state supreme court, which ruled against the couple in a unanimous decision today. It said they failed to prove that their children were harmed by their choice not to say "under God." The court added that the pledge isn't mandatory, and students aren't required to recite the entire pledge if they object to parts of it. It also ruled that while "under God" referred to a higher power, the pledge is more patriotic than it is religious.
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Diana Vern is counsel for the Beckett Fund and says people who don't like the phrase "under God" don't have to say the pledge.
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