Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Appears On "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

(Undated) -- Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is making a campaign stop in Hollywood. On Monday, the so-called "crack-smoking mayor" stopped by ABC's late night talk show, "Jimmy Kimmel Live." While Jimmy suggested he consider talking to someone about his substance abuse, Ford said he wasn't elected to be a perfect person.
During the appearance, Ford played up the idea that he's a just a normal citizen, who's looking to make the City of Toronto a better place to live. In fact, he defended giving Toronto citizens his phone number so they can contact him personally. He explained that tax payers deserve to be personally served by their mayor and not by a bureaucracy. While he claims he never receives prank calls, making his number public did help Jimmy Kimmel get in touch with him. Ford pointed out that he got a personal call from Kimmel and the late night talk show host even personally picked him up at the airport.
Since Mayor Ford's bizarre antics have often been captured on video, Jimmy played back a few of the most widely circulated clips. Like a good sport, Ford laughed off some of his behavior, while explaining other antics. Reacting to a video showing him speaking in a Jamaican accent, Ford said that he often uses the "patois" when speaking with his Jamaican friends. Jimmy then promised to take him on his first trip to the island nation.
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