Southern Storm Knocks Out Power, Chokes Off Highways

(Undated) -- A powerful winter storm is bearing down on Washington, DC and Virgina after knocking out power, grounding planes, and choking off roads across the South. Bryan Sawyer in Charlotte, North Carolina, says ice stranded many drivers.
Hundreds of thousands of people across Georgia and the Carolinas went to bed without electricity as trees coated with ice from freezing rain collapsed onto power lines, homes, and cars. The Atlanta area looked like an icy ghost town as people who wound up stuck on roads and at schools two weeks ago simply stayed home for this storm. The website FlightAware says more than 36-hundred flights were canceled Wednesday, including more than 16-hundred in and out of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International, the nation's busiest airport.
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Bryan Sawyer of Charlotte says the South is not prepared to deal with these conditions.
Forecaster Rob Carolan says the storm is moving steadily up the East Coast.

Forecaster Rob Carolan details where the snow and rain will be.

Forecaster Rob Carolan says other areas will be hit hard with snow.