Search Continues For Any Trace Of Flight 370

(Undated) -- There are no new leads on the location of a missing Malaysian jetliner after another day of searching the Indian Ocean. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott calls the hunt for the missing plane "the most difficult search ever undertaken." Abbott promised Thursday to do everything humanly possible to get to the bottom of what's become an international mystery. The Malaysian prime minister is in Australia this week to oversee search and rescue efforts. Nearly 20 aircraft and ships were involved in today's search effort.
Time is running out, however, for searchers hoping to find the black box inside Flight 370. Advanced equipment to detect the black box isn't expected to arrive in the search area in the southern Indian Ocean until tomorrow. Until searchers pin down the approximate location of the ill-fated flight, the black box locator will be of little use to searchers. Experts expect the batteries on the jet's black box to run out within a few days.