People Flock Into Ferguson To Protest Shooting

People Flock Into Ferguson To Protest Shooting
(Ferguson, MO) -- People from all across the nation are in Ferguson, Missouri to march with protestors over the shooting death of an unarmed black teen. Antonio Cathey, from Memphis, Tennessee says he just can't believe an officer would fire on an unarmed person.
Protestors have taken to the streets every day for more than a week now in Ferguson, claiming they want justice for Michael Brown. He was shot last week while apparently running away from a police officer. Witnesses say he turned around and put his hands in the air, as if to surrender, after getting shot in the back. A private autopsy conducted Sunday shows Brown was shot four times in the front of his arm and twice in the head. None of the shots were fired from close range. At least one more autopsy will be conducted.
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Carey Jenkins, from Atlanta, says he was watching the story unfold on TV.
Jay Harris, from Little Rock, Arkansas says this is not just about justice for Michael Brown.
Lilada Gee, from Madison, Wisconsin, says she's marching so her son doesn't become the next victim.
John Reimann, from Oakland, California, says he's tired of seeing cops thinking they're above the law.
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