Pentagon: U.S. Military Advisers Setting Up Shop In Baghdad

(Arlington, VA) -- Pentagon spokesman John Kirby says U.S. military advisers are setting up shop in Baghdad.
President Obama committed up to 300 advisers to help Iraq deal with the growing militant insurgency there. They are entering Baghdad in phases. Admiral Kirby called it a "limited short-term duration mission." One of the first orders of business is formation of a new joint operations center with Iraqi security forces. Kirby noted that possible U.S. airstrikes have not been taken off the table.
Additional audio:
Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby says President Obama has made a firm decision on combat troops in Iraq.
Kirby says there will be a military contingent coming to Baghdad.
Kirby says the U.S. military contingent will be getting the same privileges and immunity as the U.S. diplomatic corps in Iraq.
Kirby was asked if the mission is open ended.
Kirby says the insurgents continue to move closer to Iraq's capital.
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