Obama Touts New, More Prosperous Africa

Obama Touts New, More Prosperous Africa
(Washington, DC) -- President Obama is touting the presence of a new, more prosperous African continent. After hosting a U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, the President noted new avenues for international trade with Africa.
He said the U.S. and its allies will continue helping Africa with public health issues and food programs. Speaking at the State Department, Obama said billions of dollars in public and private investments will be committed to African continent economies. He also announced new initiatives to help African leaders combat terrorist cells and human trafficking.

President Obama says efforts must be made to invest more in the futures of African women. Play Clip
President Obama claims the deadly Ebola virus is controllable if a strong public health infrastructure is in place.
The President was asked about the Ebola outbreaks in Africa during a news briefing at the State Department. He called it a brutal and deadly virus and noted that the U.S. and allies will continue doing everything possible to help Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone deal with it. More than 900 people have died, primarily in Liberia.

President Obama says it's too early to start providing supplies of an experimental drug to combat the Ebola virus. Play Clip

Meanwhile, President Obama vows to continue signing executive orders to counteract congressional inaction. Obama said that he prefers to work with Congress but said he cannot reverse political gridlock and dysfunction by himself. House Republicans plan to sue the President over his increased use of executive actions. They have accused him of executive overreach.

President Obama says he'll continue making attempts to reverse political gridlock by working with Congress. Play Clip

President Obama continues to defend Israel in its battles with Hamas. Obama told a news briefing that no country would tolerate rockets being launched at their cities. He also expressed "distress" over the high numbers of civilian casualties in Gaza. Obama said he has "no sympathy for Hamas" but expressed great sympathy for innocent civilians. He accused Hamas of irresponsible behavior for placing rocket launchers in areas near hospitals and schools. The President cheered the current ceasefire and pledged to continue diplomatic efforts aimed at furthering peace.