Obama: Russia Is Trying To Redraw Borders With Force

Obama: Russia Is Trying To Redraw Borders With Force
(Brussels) -- President Obama says no amount of propaganda can make right what the world knows is wrong.
The President claimed Russia is trying to redraw borders with force as he spoke Wednesday in Brussels about U.S.-European relations. Obama said the young people of Ukraine are determined to take back their government and said Russia's violation of international law must be met with condemnation. Obama said sanctions are leaving a mark on Russia and added if Moscow stays on course, sanctions will deepen. Obama insisted the U.S. will support Ukraine so that its people can make their own decisions.

President Obama says Ukrainians wanted a change in their country.
Obama says Russia must be punished for what it did in Ukraine.
Obama says the U.S. and Europe have condemned Russia's aggression.
Obama says Russia must change its ways about Ukraine, or the U.S. and Europe will be unified with further action.
Obama rejected the idea that this was another cold war.
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