Michelle Obama Talks "Lets Move," Does "Ew" On "Tonight Show"

(Undated) -- Michelle Obama is making it clear that there's nothing "ew" about exercise.
The First Lady stopped by "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" Thursday night to appear in the host's popular "Ew!" sketch, which featured Fallon and his other guest Will Ferrell dressed up like adolescent girls to talk about all the things they don't like. After the bit, Obama sat down with Fallon for a slightly more normal late night interview. She talked about the four year anniversary of her "Let's Move" campaign, and encouraged everyone to use social media to show her how they like to move. The First Lady said that if they get enough responses with the hashtag #LetsMove, she'd use her "pull" to get President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to show the world how they move too.
Will Ferrell, meanwhile, demonstrated one of his favorite forms of movement during his "Tonight Show" visit. He came out for the interview in a tight figure skating outfit modeled after a butler's uniform. He joked that he was supposed to be in Sochi for the Winter Olympics, but ageism prevented him from being on the U.S. team. Nevertheless, he still showed off the routine he would have done to the theme of the BBC series "Downton Abbey."
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