McHale Serves Up Jokes, Jabs At Correspondents' Gala

(Washington, DC) -- It was a mixed bag of grins and groans for Joel McHale in his first outing as host of this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner Saturday night.
McHale did what he came to Washington, DC to do, skewering his warm-up act, President Barack Obama, and others in attendance. No one was safe. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was in the hot seat when the NBC "Community" star took aim at Christie's weight and the Bridgegate scandal. Acting legend Robert De Niro got put down over recent movie roles. And McHale chided President Obama for "looking older" and more and more like Morgan Freeman. He also made a crude crack about the Kardashians' dating demographics and the Republican party's distant relationship with African-Americans.
The ceremony opened with a video short of Julia Louis-Dreyfus in character as HBO "Veep" Selina Meyer. Selina ditches the dinner and hangs out with real Vice President Joe Biden, zooming around town in Biden's yellow Corvette. They run into Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi in a tattoo parlor and First Lady Michelle Obama in a dim White House kitchen where she catches the veep duo eating buckets of ice cream.
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Joel McHale takes a swipe at President Barack Obama's aging looks at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.
Joel McHale says Washington, DC brought notoriety to the headlines long before Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.
Joel McHale takes a shot at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.
Joel McHale jokes about the inequity of pay between men and women.
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