Jury Finds Theodore Wafer Guilty In Porch Shooting

(Detroit, MI) -- The verdict is guilty in a high-profile Detroit-area murder case. Theodore Wafer killed unarmed teenager Renisha McBride with a shotgun blast to the face last November. Wafer fired on the unarmed 19-year-old when she banged on the front door of his Dearborn Heights home after she was involved in a nearby car accident. Wafer now faces up to life in prison.
Wafer's defense lawyer claimed during the trial that the white homeowner fired in self-defense, fearing a home invasion. Wafer was grilled by prosecutors about why he didn't call 911 if he was in fear of his life. McBride's family says the black teenager wound up at Wafer's home because she was hurt in a car accident and was just looking for help.