Judge Agrees To Detroit Payoff To Banks

(Detroit, MI) -- Detroit is getting off the hook for a chunk of its debt for a bargain. The bankrupt city owed UBS and Bank of America more than 280 million dollars under a deal agreed to about eight years ago. Under an agreement reached today in bankruptcy court, Detroit will settle the debt for just 85-million dollars. UBS and BofA will get about 31-cents on the dollar.
>Mixed Signals From Authorities On Missing Malaysian Plane
(Perth, Australia) -- Australian authorities are dialing back some confidence that searchers are getting close to finding that missing Malaysian jetliner. The official overseeing the multi-nation search said earlier today that the latest acoustic signal picked up in the southern Indian Ocean is not likely to be from the plane's flight recorders. Angus Houston added that there has been no major breakthrough in the search. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot had earlier said that he was confident searchers knew the location of the flight recorder.