House Speaker Unimpressed By Latest Jobs Numbers

(Washington, DC) -- Republican House Speaker John Boehner is not impressed with the latest jobs numbers. The economy added 113-thousand jobs in January and the jobless rate dropped to six-point-six percent. In a statement, Boehner said it's part of the "worst jobs recovery in history." He accused the White House and congressional Democrats of standing in the way of a more robust recovery. Democrats often make the same claim about Republicans. Boehner said it is time for Dems to "listen to the American people and work with Republicans" to grow the economy.
House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said the latest report is evidence that the recovery continues to move forward. Pelosi argued that Congress could do much more to boost the economy. She criticized Republicans for not agreeing to extend longterm unemployment benefits for more than one-and-a-half million Americans. The longterm aid expired on December 28th. Pelosi called it emergency aid and said the Republican position is "indefensible."