Google Unveils "A Car That Drives You"

Google Unveils "A Car That Drives You"
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(Cupertino, CA) -- Google hopes to have 100 prototypes of its new self-driving car on the roads by this time next year. Project Leader Chris Urmson says its the next step forward for the World's Top Brand.
Google introduced its electronic, bubble-shaped vehicle Tuesday. It has no brakes, no steering wheel and no gas pedal; only buttons for stop and go. It also has a mobile app to summon the car and a sensor on the top for better visibility. The California DMV must write regulations for the "operational" use of the car before it hits the streets. Google's continuing evolution of new technology has put it past Apple in the annual "Top 100" brands report.
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People who took the first ride thought it was out-of-this world.
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