FBI Taking Over Unarmed Teen Shooting Investigation

(Ferguson, MO) -- The FBI will be taking over the investigation of an unarmed teenager shot to death by police in a St. Louis suburb over the weekend. St. Louis County Supervisor Charlie Dooley says federal involvement will keep the process "open and transparent."
Riots broke out in Ferguson, Missouri following a candlelight vigil for 18-year-old Michael Brown last night. Stores were burned, dozens were arrested, vehicles were vandalized, and police and city leaders received thousands of death threats. The hacker group Anonymous also reportedly crashed the police and fire email and phone systems. Protests this morning have been peaceful, but City Hall is closed and the first day of school was canceled.
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St. Louis County Supervisor Charlie Dooley says he welcomes the FBI taking over the investigation.
Dooley says he was saddened by what happened after last night's shooting.
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