Fast Food Worker Strikes Planned In 150 Cities

Fast Food Worker Strikes Planned In 150 Cities
(Undated) -- Fast-food workers are planning to strike today in more than 150 cities across America. Jaqueline Garcia in Arizona is one of those workers who plan to walk off the job.
Workers at McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's and KFC are also expected to strike as they call on employers to pay them a minimum wage of 15 dollars per hour. Many workers are also asking for the right to form unions without retaliation. The Service Employees International Union is assisting in organizing the strikes. Fast-food workers in more than 30 overseas countries say they'll also strike as well.
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Fast-food worker Jaqueline Garcia says she can't make ends meet working for eight-dollars-an-hour.
Garcia says it's time for the big fast-food companies to share some of the wealth.
Garcia says she realizes she could lose her job if she strikes.
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