Some Exceptions To Today's Deadline For Obamacare Sign-Up

(Undated) -- There are some exceptions to today's deadline for signing up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act so coverage will start January 1st. One is a hardship exception for people who've had problems signing up because of technical problems with An Obama administration official says there will be a special enrollment period for people who made a good faith effort to enroll by the deadline but didn't get it done. It's not clear how the government will determine what constitutes a good faith effort. Others may get a break from insurance companies since the Obama administration has asked insurers to be flexible if people miss today's deadline.

Public support is turning against the Affordable Care Act. A new CNN/ORC International survey shows only 35 percent of those questioned are in favor of the law known as Obamacare. That's down five percent in less than a month. Meanwhile, 62 percent said they oppose the law. Pollsters say women are particularly down on Obamacare, with support falling six percent in a month's time. A majority of respondents also said they think the law will drive up the cost of their health care.