New Jersey Governor Christie Sued Over "Bridgegate"

(Bergen Co., NJ) -- September's gridlock at the George Washington Bridge is engulfing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in scandal. Six Bergen County commuters have filed a lawsuit against him. They claim they were late for work after being, quote, "trapped on local roads." Also, the state assembly today plans to post online more than 900 pages of documents related to the case. The lane blockages were reportedly an act of political retaliation against a mayor who did not support Christie's re-election bid.

Hundreds of pages of documents and e-mails are expected to be released today in the bridge scandal that's rocking the administration of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The documents were subpoenaed from ex port Authority employee David Wildstein , who took the Fifth when he was questioned yesterday by a state Assembly panel.
Wildstein is accused of conspiring to close lanes of the George Washington Bridge to cause a traffic jam in Fort Lee after Fort Lee's mayor refused to back Christie's bid for reelection. The Assembly transportation committee chairman is expected to call more people in to testify on the matter. Those people include Christie's recently-fired aide, Port Authority's chairman and Christie's press secretary.