Late Night Hosts Take Aim At Chris Christie's Bridge Scandal

(Undated) -- Chris Christie's bridge scandal is making it hard for the New Jersey governor to escape the late night spotlight. After Christie's lengthy news conference on the topic, David Letterman counted down the top ten highlights on Thursday's episode of the "Late Show" on CBS.
Letterman joked that he also liked when Christie "boldly took responsibility by blaming everyone but himself." But the talk show host did offer the governor a little advice. He said the next time Christie or anyone on his staff has something top secret to discuss, they should do what he does and use the pay phone at the bowling alley.

Letterman wasn't the only talk show host to take aim at Christie. Jimmy Fallon started NBC's "Late Night" by apologizing for running late and explaining that he accidentally made Christie mad and the governor popped the tires on his bike. And on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Kimmel pointed out that the scandal could affect Christie's chances of becoming a presidential nominee. But Jimmy said he expects the governor will bounce back because he looks like a "pretty bouncy person."

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