\"Cops\" Crew Member Dies After Shootout

\"Cops\" Crew Member Dies After Shootout
(Omaha, NE) -- A crew member working on the TV show "Cops" is dead after a shootout last night in Omaha, Nebraska. Reporter Scott Voorhees says it's possible the crew member was shot by police crossfire as the robber was confronted at a fast-food restaurant
The suspect also died from gunshot wounds. The TV crew member was working as a sound engineer on the show which had been following the Omaha Police Department for several weeks. According to Voorhees, this is the first time in the TV show's 25-year history that a crew member has been killed.
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Omaha-based reporter Scott Voorhees says the "Cops" crew members went inside the fast-food restaurant hoping to be safe and the crew member was killed while in the restaurant.
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