Colorado Sues Boulder County Over Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

(Denver, CO) -- Same-sex couples in Colorado have another hurdle after the state filed a lawsuit to stop same-sex marriage. Jack Danielson from Colorado Springs says he's been waiting for four years to get married to his boyfriend, Devin.
Despite Danielson's plea, Attorney General John Suthers filed a suit to stop a county clerk from issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples in district court on Thursday. Boulder County Clerk Hillary Hall has issued more than 100 marriage licenses since the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Utah could not stop gay couples from getting married. The 10th Circuit covers Colorado and five other states.
Suthers said the state's ban on same-sex marriage remains in effect until the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately decides on the lower court's ruling.
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Jack Danielson says he wants same-sex marriage to be legal all across the state, not just in Boulder.
Executive Director Charles Irwin with Colorado Springs Pride says Colorado's ready for same-sex marriage to be legal.
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