Biden in Kiev...Obama looks ahead to Asia fence-mending

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden has delivered a message of support from President Barack Obama to Ukrainian political leaders. Meeting in Kiev, Biden told the leaders that the United States stands with them against "humiliating threats" and encouraged them to root out corruption as they rebuild their government. Biden spoke to nine Ukrainians including three candidates running for president in the May 25 election.

TOKYO (AP) — President Barack Obama is heading to Asia to do some reassuring of leaders in the region. Obama will emphasize the renewed U.S. commitment to the region, with an eye both to China's rising assertiveness and the fast-growing markets that are the center of gravity for global growth. Obama is scheduled to arrive in Tokyo tomorrow.

WASHINGTON (AP) — A case before the Supreme Court today has the potential to bring big changes to the television industry. Current broadcasters say Internet startup Aero Inc. is guilty of copyright violations by giving subscribers in 11 U.S. cities access to television programs on their laptop computers, smartphones and other portable devices using a system of small antennas to receive over the air signals. Lower courts have issued opposing decisions.

SYDNEY (AP) — Stormy weather has curtailed the air search today for debris from a missing Malaysia Airlines jet but ships and a robotic submarine are still plying the Indian Ocean waters. The robotic submarine is finishing its ninth mission scanning the silt-covered seafloor since the search for wreckage shifted beneath the waves on April 14. No luck so far for the U.S. Navy's Bluefin 21.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Recently published research describes another use for pilotless aircraft, this time in archaeology. The research describes outfitting a customized drone with a heat-sensing camera to unearth what scientists believe are ceremonial pits and other features at the site of an ancient village in New Mexico. The discovery could help archaeologists solve other long-buried mysteries.