Michael Jackson Doctor Appeal Rejected

(Los Angeles, CA) -- A California state appeals court is shooting down Dr. Conrad Murray's attempt to overturn his conviction in connection to Michael Jackson's 2009 death. Upholding the November 2011 verdict, the 2nd District Court of Appeal rejected Murray's claims that there was not enough evidence to support the conviction for involuntary manslaughter. In a 68-page ruling, the appellate court also found that Murray's actions demonstrated "a consciousness of guilt," pointing to his failure to keep proper medical records for the pop star; "false and misleading statements" he made to first responders; and "his efforts to clean up the scene."

Murray tried to argue that Jackson caused his own death by self-administering the sedative propofol. The appellate justices said there was no evidence to support that claim. Murray's attorneys call the ruling "disappointing, but not unexpected." They say they will likely take the matter to the California Supreme Court.