Newtown Shooter Called Anarchist Radio Station

(Newtown, CT) -- A new tape is giving a glimpse into the mind of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter, who called an anarchist radio station nearly a year before the rampage. Adam Lanza apparently spoke on the Oregon college radio show "Anarchy Radio" about the parallel between a 2009 chimpanzee mauling and "a teenage mall shooter." "The New York Daily News" obtained the audio, on which a caller speaks for nearly seven minutes in a soft, robotic voice. The speaker was identified as Lanza by two of his friends. He talks in detail about a home-raised chimp in Connecticut that snapped unexpectedly and ripped the face off a friend of the owner.
The call was made in December of 2011, close to a year before the 20-year-old went on a shooting spree in a Newtown, Connecticut elementary school. Lanza killed 26 people, including 20 children before turning the gun on himself.