Obama: Time For Self-Reflection After Mandela Death

(Soweto, South Africa) -- President Obama says this is rightly a time of mourning the loss of Nelson Mandela as well as a time to celebrate his heroic life. Obama says the loss of such a great man should also prompt a time for self reflection.
Obama pointed out that South Africa has overcome apartheid, but there's still work to be done for equality not only there, but in the U.S. and around the world. Obama said he'll always fall short of Mandela's example, but that example makes him want to be a better man. He ended with, quote, "May God bless the memory of Nelson Mandela, may God bless the people of South Africa."
Additional audio:
President Obama says it's right to remember Nelson Mandela's life.
Obama says there is still a struggle for equality.
Obama says he tries to set a good example like Mandela.
Obama says we will always remember Mandela.