Obama Speaks At Mandela Memorial

(Soweto, South Africa) -- President Obama spoke at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela in South Africa, saying it is a singular honor to celebrate a life like no other.
Obama was greeted with thunderous applause from the thousands of people gathered for the service at the soccer stadium where Mandela made his last public appearance. Obama thanked the people of South Africa for sharing Mandela with the rest of the world.
President Obama says he is glad that he is in South Africa for the celebration of Nelson Mandela's life.
Obama wanted to show gratitude to South Africans.

President Obama is meeting with dignitaries from around the world at the Nelson Mandela memorial service in South Africa, but there's one handshake that has people talking. As Obama arrived at the stage to make his speech, one of the first people he met was Cuban President Raul Castro. The two shared a handshake and some words. There wasn't a microphone close enough to pick up what they said to each other. Relations between the U.S. and Cuba are still frosty, but they've been warming up as travel restrictions are relaxed.