Report: Police Investigating Kanye West For Assault

(Beverly Hills, CA) -- Police are reportedly investigating Kanye West for allegedly assaulting a man at a Beverly Hills chiropractor's office. According to, the incident started after Kanye's fiancee, Kim Kardashian, was leaving a medical building in Beverly Hills. As paparazzi swarmed the reality star, a man reportedly began yelling profanities, including racial slurs, at Kim and the photographers. The man continued to hurl the slurs, which reportedly included the N-word, as Kim got on the phone with Kanye. When the rap star arrived on the scene, he and Kim went into a chiropractor's office where the man was waiting and Kanye allegedly punched him. During the confrontation, Kim supposedly yelled, "We have it all on tape." Police were called and the 18-year-old victim is apparently looking to press charges. Authorities want to interview Kanye about the incident.

Kanye West is currently facing assault charges for allegedly assaulting a paparazzo at Los Angeles International Airport last year.