Ralph Lauren Niece Fined Over "Air Rage" Incident

(Undated) -- Ralph Lauren's niece is walking away from an "air rage" charge more embarrassed and less 27-hundred dollars after pleading guilty to disturbing the peace on a Delta Airlines flight Monday. En route from Barcelona to New York, the flight had to be diverted to an airport in Ireland after Jenny Lauren started acting up mid-flight. The BBC says the 41-year-old jewelry designer kept her eyes to the ground Wednesday as authorities described her as being loud-mouthed, abusive and threatening on the aircraft. Lauren also admitted to being very intoxicated. Prosecutors withdrew a third charge of engaging in behavior likely to cause a serious offense during Wednesday's hearing in Ireland.

More than 200 passengers and crew were on board the Delta flight when the alleged air rage incident took place. Lauren was arrested at Shannon Airport Monday and held in custody overnight.