NY Governor Thinks Speed Was Main Factor In Deadly Bronx Train Crash

(Bronx, NY) -- New York Governor Andrew Cuomo seems to be convinced that excess speed was the cause of yesterday's deadly train derailment in the Bronx.
Cuomo told NBC's "Today Show" that three options "are on the table: problem with the track, equipment problem or operator error." Cuomo added that the scene of the crash was "much worse than it looked" in news coverage. Four people died and dozens were hurt when the Metro North train jumped the tracks.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo describes the scene of yesterday's deadly train derailment in the Bronx.
Cuomo says he feels for the victims of yesterday's deadly train derailment in the Bronx.

The National Transportation Safety Board's investigation into Sunday's deadly Metro North train derailment is underway. This witness gave praise to the first responders.
NTSB spokesman Earl Weener says teams will investigate thoroughly today. Weener says there will be another meeting of the teams this evening to review progress. The NTSB has yet to interview the train crew, but hopes to do that today.

This man was shocked when the derailment happened.
This woman had feelings for those who were injured in the derailment.
This man couldn't believe what he saw.

A number of riders injured in Sunday's deadly train derailment are expected to be discharged from the hospital today. Dr. David Listman heads up the Emergency Department at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx, where 12 patients were taken yesterday, including a 14-year-old boy. Dr. Listman says the boy was on the train with his dad, but regularly takes Metro North to his school in the Bronx.
Nine patients remain at St. Barnabas Hospital including a female NYPD Officer who is still being treated but stabilized. Seven patients are still in the ICU including one person with a critical spinal cord injury. The dozens of other passengers injured were taken to three other area hospitals for treatment.

St. Barnabas' Dr. David Listman, says in some cases the emotional wounds may be more than the physical ones.
Dr. David Listman, says seven patients are being monitored in St. Barnabas' ICU.