Here is the latest Pennsylvania news from The Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A United Methodist pastor in southeastern Pennsylvania faces a church trial for officiating the 2007 same-sex marriage of his son. The Reverend Frank Schaefer says he knew that Methodist law forbade him from performing the ceremony. But he says that he believes God wants him to minister to all people. Some 50 clergy plan to show their support tomorrow by presiding over a same-sex ceremony at a Methodist church in Philadelphia.

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A judge has thrown out 53 drug convictions connected to a Philadelphia narcotics police officer who is facing federal corruption charges. Judge Sheila Woods-Skipper during a hearing today tossed the convictions, which were based on the testimony of former Officer Jeffrey Walker. The 22-year veteran of the force was arrested in May following an FBI sting.

CORAOPOLIS, Pa. (AP) — Police say a suicidal Pennsylvania man blew up his house after watching a TV show about the Hindenburg, the airship that exploded in 1937. The 47-year-old man is still recovering from his injuries in the October 12th blast that destroyed his Moon Township home, about 10 miles west of Pittsburgh. Police charged him this week with arson and related crimes.

MANSFIELD, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania education officials say it's now easier for students to apply to multiple campuses in the state university system. A new online tool copies basic data from a student's first application to any subsequent application. Before, students had to fill out the same information for every campus they applied to.