Shia LaBeouf Reportedly Headbutts Man In London Bar Fight

(London) -- Shia LaBeouf's London pub crawl transformed into a pub brawl Thursday night.
Amateur video posted on captures the "Transformers" star headbutting a seated man during an argument at the South London pub Hobgoblin. A woman is heard screaming Shia's name and pleading for him to stop. Another video of a seemingly apologetic LaBeouf surfaced hours later. The actor is heard telling a woman that he's "just a normal human being" and "just trying to make peace."

LaBeouf tweeted to his Twitter followers last week that he was retiring from "all public life." The tweet came in the midst of plagiarism scandal in which the actor is accused of lifting the storyline from Daniel Clowes' graphic novel "Justin M. Damiano" to use in his own short film "" LaBeouf has apologized for failing to properly credit Clowes in his work.